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Filming by French TV for ÉCHAPPÉ BELLES (Great Escapes):

This is a hugely popular travel and discovery TV programme on France's National TV Channel - FRANCE 5. The presenter and crew visited the Battle of the Boyne site on the 26th October to experience the historic location and view the ‘Living History’ presentation. They met a 17th century musketeer and filmed an impressive demonstration of black-powder firing, the Barber-Surgeon treating ailments with his basic craft tools & potions, and the Chandler selling her wares in the Sutler’s Tent.

They experienced the evocative smells, sights and sounds of what it would have been like on the battlefield in July 1690, when King William III and King James II met with their opposing armies.

The TV crew marvelled at the strong French connections to the Battle of the Boyne through King Louis XIV supporting King James with troops and artillery, the French Huguenots allied to King William, and the use of French equipment and weaponry such as the bayonet which was developed in the town of Bayonne.

The programme will be broadcast on FRANCE 5 on Sat evening 9th December and on Youtube a few days later, with links to FaceBook Battle of the Boyne Visitor Centre and Website.

Recording in progress at Battle of the Boyne Site